Tame the hidden dragons that control your happiness, habits, and hang-ups

A welcome message from Dr. Daniel Amen's Book Launch Director, Amber Vilhauer:

WELCOME FRIENDS! Dr. Daniel Amen and I are so excited to connect!

If you’re new to Dr. Daniel Amen, he is a highly-respected physician, double board certified psychiatrist, television producer and ten-time New York Times bestselling author. He is the Founder and Medical Director of Amen Clinics in Costa Mesa and San Francisco, California, Bellevue, Washington, Reston, Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia and New York, New York. 

Below you will find options for how you can support Dr. Daniel Amen’s launch… and it’s MY job to make sure we come up with creative opportunities for YOU to get a lot more exposure for your business during his launch because my #1 priority as his Book Launch Director is to create powerful win-wins.

how this launch relates to you...

We know it’s YOU that your friends, families, and clients need most. If we arm you with the latest and most innovative information that creates transformation then you can impact a greater amount of individuals. If there’s one thing to know about Dr. Amen, he’s rooted in total goodness.

For now, we have one small ask: Bookmark this page (you’ll want to keep coming back to it!) and keep your eyes open for email communication from me.

I highly respect your time, so I won’t send you unnecessary updates, but you will want to be alerted when I send you time-sensitive opportunities that allow you to WIN through our launch process. More to come!

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Now more than ever it’s vital that we learn how to look after our mental health, whether that’s for ourselves or our loved ones. Dr Daniel Amen has written the perfect book to help you do just that with #YourBrainIsAlwaysListening. Check it out here ->


Ever wanted to eliminate your bad habits, have better relationships and improve your wellbeing? Me too, but it’s difficult right? It was until I read Dr Daniel Amen’s brand new book #YourBrainIsAlwaysListening. This book is incredible at showing you how to deal with your mental “dragons” to live a better life ->


#YourBrainIsAlwaysListening is such an important book that everyone should read at least once. Mental health issues aren’t going away and learning how to manage them ourselves isn’t just important, it’s a necessity. Let Dr Amen show you how ->


If you or a family member is struggling with lack of motivation, poor health or painful emotions, then you want to read #YourBrainIsAlwaysListening by Dr Daniel Amen. The information he’s sharing in this new book is nothing short of amazing, and it actually works! Learn more here ->


There’s a reason why Dr Daniel Amen is regarded as America’s most popular psychiatrist, and his new book #YourBrainIsAlwaysListening solidifies that. His information and strategies for combating our mental “dragons” are exceptional and proven to work ->


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I’m absolutely loving Dr Daniel Amen’s new book! It’s helping me to be happier, healthier and less overwhelmed. I highly recommend you check it out ->


Dr Daniel Amen’s new book #YourBrainIsAlwaysListening is going to become a staple for everyone who wants to improve their life. He shows you how you can be happier, calmer and in control of your destiny by taming your mental “dragons” ->


#YourBrainIsAlwaysListening is helping me to better understand why we feel sad, mad, nervous and out of control, and how to change it! If you’re someone who wants more out of life, or you just want to feel happier, read this book ->



Email #1

Subject Line Ideas

I’m a bit worried (about these stats)

How to SLAY Your Mental Dragons

World renowned Dr reveals his mental health secrets…

Email Body Copy


Did you know that by September 2020, the percentage of people looking for help with anxiety and depression had increased by 93% and 62% respectively?*

Sadly, it’s true.

This statistic isn’t just worrying, it’s downright horrifying!

Either you have personally struggled or someone you love has struggled with a mental health issue right now and needs help.

Tasks that used to be simple like getting out of bed, going to work, and spending time with family become seemingly impossible when you’re suffering.

Luckily, there’s now a solution that equips you with the weapons you need to fight back against this worldwide problem.

Let me introduce you to my friend Dr Daniel Amen and his brand new book ‘Your Brain Is Always Listening’.

Dr Amen is one of America’s leading psychiatrists and brain health experts.

He’s also a 12-time New York Times bestselling author, TEDx speaker and has appeared on TV shows such as Dr. Phil.

(pretty cool right?)

The exciting thing is he just released his brand new book called ‘Your Brain Is Always Listening’.

In the book he shows you exactly how to identify and slay your mental “dragons”, so you can stop feeling sad, mad and depressed, and start feeling happier, calmer and more confident.

Just imagine the impact that could have for you…

What would life be like if you had the upper hand over your negative thoughts and feelings?

Would you be healthier and happier?

Would you be a better parent, friend, spouse?

Honestly, the information he’s sharing here is stellar, and has even been used by some of the most successful and powerful athletes, pop stars and entrepreneurs in the world

Now it can be yours.

==> Click here grab your copy of Dr Amen’s NEW BOOK while it’s still in stock…

I know you’re going to love it!




Email #2

Subject Line Ideas

Would you like to…?

[BRAND NEW] How to be happier, healthier and fulfilled

Actually change your habits (for good)

Email Body Copy

Hey, YOUR NAME here writing to you.

Would you like to be happier, calmer and more in control of your destiny?

How about cutting out your bad habits and replacing them with healthier alternatives?

Or cultivating stronger, more fulfilling relationships with your loved ones?

I imagine you said yes to at least one of these questions, because we’d all love to do these things!

Yet only a small percentage of us actually do.

Most people lose motivation, fall off the wagon and go back into their self-destructive old ways.

(I’m sure you can relate, just like I can).

But what if there was a way that you could actually:

  • Improve your relationships with family members and friends.
  • Crush your negative thoughts and emotions (so you can feel GOOD about life again).
  • Develop healthier behaviours that’ll help you lose weight and fight illness.

That’d be pretty damn good right?

Well there is a way, and my good friend Dr Daniel Amen shares ALL in his brand new book ‘Your Brain Is Always Listening’.

In case you don’t know, Dr Amen is a world renowned psychiatrist, 10-time best-selling author and an avid table tennis player.

He’s even made appearances on the TEDx stage, Dr. Phil and Larry King.

Daniel wrote this life-changing new book during the worldwide pandemic, to help people like you to combat their mental “dragons” and make positive changes in their life.

I’ve read it and let me tell you…it’s nothing short of extraordinary!

I highly recommend you give it a shot.

==> Click here to learn more and order your copy today

Best of luck with everything!